Office of the Provost’s Teaching and Learning Grants

The Office of the Provost provides funding opportunities for faculty looking to integrate new educational methods and technologies into their classrooms and learning environments. Faculty recipients receive logistical, organizational, and instructional support from the CTL.

Since 2014, the Office of the Provost has awarded 207 Provost Funded Projects.

Applications for the 2023 Provost’s Teaching and Learning Grants are now open, and all faculty are welcome to apply. Faculty are encouraged to schedule a consultation with the CTL prior to submitting an application.

Apply for 2023 Office of the Provost’s Teaching and Learning Grants

Innovative Course Design Grants increase teaching effectiveness and student engagement through the creative use of a new pedagogical strategy and/or digital tools. 

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Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) reach global audiences, and make the teaching and research activities of the University more visible while promoting public engagement.

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Innovative Course Module Design Grants support experimentation with a new pedagogical strategy or tool without fully redesigning a course.

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Interdisciplinary Teaching Awards (ITAs) support teams of two or more faculty from different departments or schools to collaborate on the design and launch of innovative interdisciplinary courses.

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Large-Scale Teaching & Learning Grants support coordinated efforts around teaching initiatives and exploration in a department, program, or school.

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Emerging Technology Grants support experimentation with new pedagogical strategies using extended reality technologies such as AR/VR and 3D scanning/printing.

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